Steering Group

The Steering Committee coordinates and oversees the work of the Council and meets 3 times a year.

Responsibilities of the Committee will include:

  • Oversight of the work of the Council.
  • Identification and delivery of the strategy, work plan and priorities, based on input and recommendations of the Council and any Sub-Groups or Working Groups and to make such recommendations to same.
  • Coordination of the advice of the Council and any Sub-Groups and Working Groups in the formulation of advice, strategies, reports and other material that represent the shared views of the Council.
  • Establishment of Sub-Groups and Working Groups and engagement of external experts as necessary.
  • Delegation of responsibility for the formation of strategies, policies and proposals to Sub-Groups or Working Groups
  • Financial management, including agreement of subscription fees.
  • Approval of minutes of Council meetings.
  • Ensuring the broad membership of CASC is represented fairly, with due consideration to the size, influence and aims of the individual members and the purpose of CASC in advising government in the wider picture.

Membership of the Steering Committee comprises:

  • The Chair and Vice Chair of CASC
  • 5 Permanent members:
    • British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA)
    • Ornamental Aquatic Trade Organisation (OATA)
    • Reptile and Exotic Pet Trade Association (REPTA)
    • The Pet Charity (TPC)
    • Sustainable Users Network (SUN)
    • Peoples Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA)
  • The Chair of each Taxa-specific Sub-group
  • The Chair of the Expert Panel
  • The Chair of each temporary cross-cutting Working Group.
    • These will be temporary posts that exist while the Working Group is active.
  • Specialists, advisors or Council members as required
    • These will be temporary posts appointed by the CASC Chair to assist the Steering Committee in addressing specific items.