Welcome to The Companion Animal Sector Council

The Companion Animal Sector Council (CASC) was established with the aim to improve the health and welfare of companion animals (except dogs, cats and equines which have their own Sector Council’s).

The Council provides a collaborative forum through which stakeholders can identify and cooperate on issues of common interest and, drawing on the expertise of its membership, provide coordinated advice to Government in a coherent and effective way, providing a conduit to highlight issues of concern and present potential solutions.

Membership is open to groups with a genuine interest in the welfare of all species of animals kept as companions, with the exception of dogs, cats and equines which have their own sector groups. Our members represent a wide range of organisations including welfare organisations including vets, trade bodies, businesses, keeper groups, enforcement, government and many more.

Our aims are:

  • To provide coordinated advice to the Animal Health and Welfare Board England (AHWBE), the Animal Welfare Council, Defra Ministers, the Devolved Administrations, Parliamentarians and more widely in a coherent and effective way and based on best available information.
  • ​To work together with AHWBE, Defra and other bodies to develop workable policies that properly address the key issues facing the sector.​
  • To be a reliable provider of Expert and informed opinion quickly, for use in Government, media and other environments.
  • To contribute directly to the formulation of strategies, solutions and plans for practical delivery of both regulation and informal (non-Governmental) initiatives of relevance to the sector.
  • To be able to plan for, and respond to, sector emergencies such as disease outbreaks.
  • To act as a sounding board and to advise AHWBE, the Animal Welfare Council, Defra and others on sector issues and facilitate and enable early open debate on issues of concern.

If you would like more information on the work of the Council, or would like to become a member then please contact us.