Current Governance Appointments

Governance Team

Mike Stanford

Vice -Chair
Dave Perry (The Pet Charity)

Dave Perry (The Pet Charity)

Taxa Sub-Groups

Chair: Ruth McDonald (Tropical Fish UK)
Members: OATA, TPC

Chair: Ann Storey (National Fancy Rat Society)

Reptiles & Amphibians
Chair: Sid James (Federation of British Herpetologists)
Members: Midland Giant Species Snake Rescue, REPTA, BHS, TPC

Chair: Alan Jones (The Parrot Society)
Members: SUN, TPC

Selling Animals
Chair: Mark Smith (Pets at Home)
Members: Southern Cavy Club, OATA, TPC, Midland Giant Snake Rescue, City of London, REPTA, Rabbit Welfare

Expert Panel

Chair: Rob Quest (City of London)
Members: UFAW, Hadlow College, Ambrose Tinarwo

Working Groups

Animal Activities Licensing
Chair: Michael Stanford
Members: Sustainable Users Network, Reptile & Exotic Pet Trade Association, Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association, Tropical Fish Keeping UK, Federation of British Herpetologists, The Pet Society UK, The Pet Charity, Veterinary Defense Society, National Centre for Reptile Welfare, Midland Giant Species Snake Rescue, Support Adoption for Pets, City of London, British Rabbit Council.

The keeping of Primates by Private Individuals
Chair: Dr Peter Kettlewell
Members: REPTA, SUN
Invited Contributors: Monkey World, Wild Futures