The council is made up of a wide range of groups, representing all companion animal taxa groups, with the exception of Dogs, Cats and Equines which have their own sector groups.

The Governance of CASC is managed by a Chairperson, assisted by a vice-Chair and Secretariat. Together they ensure that the group is managed according to our Terms of Reference.

Our members range from large national organisations to small hobbyist groups. Each member has the opportunity for equal input, ensuring that no matter how small or niche an interest group is it has the opportunity to put forward its views.

CASC is coordinated and overseen by a Steering Committee made up of 6 permanent members, and a minimum of 5 additional members drawn from the chairs of the working groups, expert panel and taxa sub-groups.

Much of the work of the group is delegated to specialist taxa sub-groups, the expert panel or working groups. These groups take on projects which usually culminate in a written report which reflects the considered opinion of the group.